Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tick Tock, Tick Tock ... for whom?

The moment of suspense as the clock ticks away. Titanic sinking, Titanic is either UMNO or Malaysia. I will continue to insist that this is an UMNO government, not a BN government.

Syabas, Dr Tan Kee Kwong, for getting out of Gerakan, into PKR. Quoting Dr Tan:

After 13 years of struggle with Gerakan and the BN, the former Federal Territory Gerakan chief, said he has lost faith in the BN government.

“I believe that race-based parties in BN like MIC, MCA and Umno are no longer relevant,” said Tan, adding that the political tsunami of March 8 has opened his eyes.

Just as I had mentioned in my earlier blog as to why I joined MCA long long ago ... I said to kick butt ... Dr Tan said:

“There are people who join BN and try to make a change. I can also say that I tried to make changes from within but I reached a point where it was almost impossible to do so

While I realised very much earlier and had severed umbilical cord with MCA, I'm just glad that many many others have awoken!

Meanwhile, from Jakarta, Indonesia, Anwar says we're on track.

Anwar: Sept 16 takeover still on
Sep 6, 08 2:55pm

Ten days to go and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said today he is on track to meet the Sept 16 deadline to recruit enough members of parliament to topple the government.

anwar pc permatang pauh 02 260808The opposition is confident it will secure the defection of at least 30 members from the ruling Barisan Nasional government - the number needed to unseat the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Anwar said.

Anwar, speaking to reporters in Jakarta after meeting with a think tank, said he was "quite positive from the initial response from the members of parliament."

"We have seen some very positive signs, but we have also seen the desperate acts by the government, threats and using institutions to discourage them," he said.

Government attempts to compel members of parliament to travel overseas until after his pledged Sept 16 deadline to take power would not work, Anwar said.

Probably we'll meet on 17th

"The only issue now is that they are going to compel members of parliament to (travel to) China or overseas until after the 16th of September, so we'll have to deal with that.

"Probably we'll meet on the 17th because they'll come back on the 17th," he said.

The 61-year-old leader of the three-party Pakatan Rakyat coalition declined to name or give the number of lawmakers who have pledged to defect.

Asked if he had used his two-day trip to Jakarta to meet with potential government defectors, Anwar said: "I won't comment on that, but I will say it's a good visit."

Abdullah, who is facing calls from his party to quit amid plummeting popularity, has said Anwar's push to take power will fail.

The parties of Pakatan gained unprecedented ground against the Barisan Nasional coalition in the March general election, securing a third of parliamentary seats and five states.


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