Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr Chandra Muzaffar! - Malaysiakini

We are enlightened by T. Murugiah, a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department that the daily allocation for food per detainee in a lock-up is a mere RM4.50 for;

Breakfast: RM0.60
Lunch: RM2.00
Dinner: RM1.90

Let us be frank about this. How much is a piece of roti canai today? What about a packet of nasi lemak? Or even the economy fried noodles? And oh, bread huh? How much is a loaf of bread today? Half a loaf? 

Wow! Even if you give your school-going kids RM2.00 to buy food during recess, some of them will tell you that it's not enough!

As this Deputy Minister said, "a normal human being living in the city spends at least RM10 on meals a day", that's beyond a shadow of doubt. 

Ok, now that I've highlighted in bold T Murugiah's words - human being - let's hear Chandra Muzaffar said;

Quoting The Star:

International Movement for a Just World (JUST) chair man Dr Chandra Muzaffar, said he was given normal food just like what he would have had at home during his 52-day detention.

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