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Gasoline price comparison - Malaysiakini

Dear Rai,

Thank you for commenting in my blog. I greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you also for the link to the EIA website that provides the average price of gasoline throughout a certain week.

I understand also that this website works on the average price of gasoline throughout the week (7-day average) but I would also like to highlight to you that there's also another website that I refer to for average prices but on a daily basis and is regularly updated on a daily basis.

I would like to answer why I prefer to choose the lowest available price to make comparisons with our local gas prices.

First, our local market price of gasoline is claimed to be SUBSIDIZED. It is understood that our gasoline is tax-free. Then it is also made known that the average cost per litre inclusive of refinery, transportation and etc come to about 32 sen per litre.

However, different states in America imposes different amount of taxes and that being a free market, it is open to market competition.

Next, as we know, Malaysia is an exporter while America is an importer and hence, we can assume that America is not enjoying a privileged position like Malaysia (as in other oil exporting nations).

Hence, being open market in nature, even the gas station that sells gasoline cheaply is assumed to be making a profit. And if such a gas station sells gasoline that is taxed and unsubsidized cheaper than our non-taxed and subsidized gasoline, it raises a stink, or two.

We therefore need not go through extensively to argue about the amount of taxes imposed in different states in America to attempt to derive at an answer as to which price best suits comparison to Malaysian gasoline price.

The bare fact is that, taxed and non-subsidized, Flying J gas station located in Oklahoma City sells Regular RN92 at the cheapest possible price, at USD2.13 per gallon or RM1.97 per litre.

Of course, most people may also want to compare our gas prices to other oil producing nations and still find that our prices are still much higher, correct? But if I were to use a figure from a free market like America, a pump price that is taxed and non-subsidized, don't you think it bears more weight?

I doubt if anyone but the Finance Minister and his ministry know how prices of gasoline is tabulated. It is to be a secret. 

The same as in America where different state imposes different taxes, the same is with nations globally. As Aussie gomen said, 'establishing the price of petrol is no simple matter and it is not one that can be summed up in a simple one-line statements'.

Shell Singapore atempts to answer most of the questions but still, it is not conclusive. Economic, political and transportation, one can't deny that Singapore is a tiny island whereby if the gomen doesn't control the amount of vehicles on the road, it will be choked to the extent that its economy may be paralysed. Hence, taxes could no doubt be high in Singapore.

However, there is something similar to GasBuddy in Singapore. GasBuddy is America's gasoline price watch as is PW. Last updated on 16/10/08, RON92 is at $1.813 per litre.

I simply have no answer how gasoline prices are arrived at but our Finance Ministry not being transparent about it doesn't help either.

They say we must compare apple to apple but doing that, comparing oil exporting nation to another oil exporting nation, our gasoline price is the highest.

Comparing apple to orange, an oil exporting nation whereby gasoline is tax-free and subsidized against a free market oil-importing nation, I'm thrown off my chair when our gasoline prices are higher!

So please correct me if I'm wrong to say that Regular RON92 that's sold at RM1.97 litre at Flying J gas station located in Oklahoma City is TAXED and NON-SUBSIDIZED. 

Strange, huh? I simply can't comprehend how Flying J gas station is able to sell Regular RON92 at a cheaper price compared any gas station in Malaysia.

I hope you would understand now why I picked and will continue to pick the lowest price of Regular RON92 available on American soil to do comparison. 

Beating around the bush, again I repeat that if comparing apple for apple, comparing prices of oil exporting nations, we are shamed. Roundabout in circle, comparing apple for orange, as I had done, someone up there knows no shame!

Regular RON92 at RM1.97 per litre - Malaysiakini

Look to your right. 

Yes, the gadget that gives you latest updates on gasoline prices in Oklahoma City.

Flying J gas station is selling Regular RON92 at USD2.13 per gallon! That works out to be around RM1.97 per litre, pump price!

Now, have any of you seen activities of oil tankers making deliveries to local gas stations? If you see little or no activity, chances are price reduction will be on its way.

I can hear those gas station operators screaming out loud that the are gonna suffer losses. I can imagine that they have voiced out and could have possibly written to the ones-in-power about the consequences of their suffering losses.

We understand well the funny relationship between this kanasai gomen and businesses where the interests of the rakyat is always placed last. 

Worst, with UMNO elections around, some of the Warlords or even UMNOputras who own gas stations could possibly sound the leaders about any drastic price reductions. 

It has shown its powers to the government during the Hari Raya exodus. They, the gas station operators have shown the nation what they are capable of doing. They had and they may once again allow their gas stations to run empty!

So, with the current weak prices of crude oil, and taking the above gas stations as a benchmark, Regular RON92, subsidized and non-tax, could well be below RM1.67 per litre!

Compared the current pump price of RM2.20, that's more than 53sen to adjust!

But .... due to the funny relationship between this kanasai gomen and businesses, expect perhaps a 10 to 20 sen price adjustment!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tracking Regular RON92, Oklahoma, USA - Malaysiakini

As you can see, I've added a new gadget. The price of Regular RON92 is regularly updated. 

Currently, Regular RON92 is sold at USD2.19 at Shell Gas Station, Del City, Oklahoma.

Once again,

1 US Gallon = 3.785 litres

USD2.19/3.785 = USD0.578 per litre (pump price)

Forex Rate @ RM3.50 to a USD

USD0.578 X RM3.50 = RM2.025 per litre (pump price).

Unsubsidized, free market price of Regular RON92 is at RM2.025 per litre AGAINST SUBSIDIZED Regular RON92 sold in Bolehland at RM2.20!!

Shell Station, Oklahoma USA = RM2.025   .. Unsubsidized, taxed, importer
All Station, Malaysia = RM2.20  .. Subsidized, non-taxed, exporter

Sungguh Pelik!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up Close n Personal

Hey pussy pussy .... come here pussy pussy ...

This cat is friendly! It swam before our eyes, at close range, not once but thrice!

At Zoo Negara.

Penguins Rock

Discovery by chance, a visit to Zoo Negara turned most enjoyable. My son was checking his cellphone for messages and it reflected sunlight into the aquarium. The video shows the antics of these penguins housed in Zoo Negara. If you ever visit this zoo, you know what to do to get these penguins to rock!

Regular RON92 at RM2.08 per litre - Malaysiakini

At this gas station, Goodies (Go Goo Goodies) located at 4501 NW 63rd, Oklahoma City, Regular RON92 is being sold at US2.25 per gallon.

1 US Gallon = 3.785 litres.

US2.25/3.785 = US0.59 per litre.

Forex rate RM3.50 to 1USD,

US0.59 X RM3.50 = RM2.08 per litre.

This is the price of Regular RN92 being sold at the above gas station and that gasoline sold in oil-importing America is taxed and non-subsidized. 

The price of SUBSIDISED Regular RON92 sold in an oil-exporting nation, namely Malaysia, is RM2.20 per litre.

Free Market Price,  at abovementioned gas station: RM2.08 per litre

30 sen SUBSIDY, non-taxed, sold at Malaysian gas station: RM2.20 per litre

Strange, isn't it?

Mars and Sneakers Buatan Malaysia could be Melamine-tainted - Malaysiakini

Breaking News - Colombo Municipality's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam said that Mars and Sneakers from Malaysia could be Melamine-contaminated!

I would await for their test results and if proven positive, many questions will again be raised as to how our Health Ministry cleared these products as safe.

Meanwhile, confirmed Melamine-contaminated biscuits are still on the shelves, as reported by NST.

'Arrest Khairy under ISA' - Malaysiakini

Up till today, there are news of gangsterism in schools throughout the nation and I guess nobody would dare doubt the existence of such.

However, there's one joke about the 'chickens' who wouldn't dare join a fight even if it involves his closest of friends. Streetwise or chickenshit, these fellas will rather stand on the sideline and watch. It doesn't end there either.

It is all too common knowledge that they will immediately join in the fray to beat the hell out of the rivals when signs show clearly that they are beaten and about to be floored. 

Yeah, that's right, the minute you see them going down, rush in and join the frenzy in beating the living daylight out of them! You ain't got nothing to lose but all to win and can lay claim that you were part of the gang that had annihilated the rival. And the rewards? You can also claim loyalty to your friend-in-need.

That's when the joke began when one is asked to join in a fight. It goes ... "OK mate, no worries, when I see that you're winning, I'll join you". Nothing is mentioned about 'when you're losing!

It is all too clear here that these jokers won't dare lay a finger on the stronger mightier side lest they got themselves beaten into a pulp. They won't dare offend or antagonize them. 

In Malaysia, the political scene, we've just witnessed the 'Great Gang Fight'. 

Badawi is out. So too will his SIL. Clearly, the odds don't favour them. That means if the goons need a punchback to exhibit themselves that they're still relevant to the current political scene, by all means, show off their punching prowess ... they may still be able to hoodwink some of them into believing that they're still relevant.

Some would call it 'shooting the dead horses'. And if these goons are worth their salt, try screaming out loud that ISA be used on Hishamuddin on his kris antics and on Najib on his inflammatory racist statement 'to soak the kris in Chinese blood'.

So, here's the sandiwara ....

'Arrest Khairy under ISA'

A MCA Youth delegate today called on the authorities to detain Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for making racist remarks.

He also wanted the security law to be invoked against suspended Umno Penang leader Ahmad Ismail who courted controversy recently by describing the Chinese in Malaysia as squatters.

mca youth agm 171008 debater ting tai fookPerak delegate Ting Tai Fook (right) made the call during the debates at the MCA Youth annual general meeting held at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Khairy, who was one of the VIPs present at the MCA Youth meet this morning, has however left shortly after the opening before the debates commenced.

Ting took Khairy, who is also the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to task over his remarks concerning the ratio of the bumiputera and non-bumiputera quota on scholarships.

He said such remarks were not only condoned by the Umno leadership but also paved the way for Ahmad to make similar offensive remarks.

At this juncture, Ting said the ISA should not be used against civilians as seen in a crackdown last month.

“If we want to use ISA, let’s use ISA against these few people first [...] I also believe Khairy, this irresponsible leader will be defeated badly in the coming Umno Youth chief elections,” he said to applause from the delegates.

The Perak MCA Youth delegate stressed that the ethnic Chinese were not second-class citizens or the servants in this country.

Ting also hit out at Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and accused him of being a liar for consistently claiming that he has the numbers to form government.

Resolution targets Khairy, Ahmad

Meanwhile, a majority of the MCA Youth delegates also echoed the dissatisfaction concerning the remarks made by Khairy and Ahmad.

Replying to Ting in the winding-up later, MCA Youth legal bureau chief Gan Ping Sieu said the wing is against the use of ISA against any civilian.  

khairy jamaluddin parliament pc 230608 04Apart from coming under heavy fire during the debates, one of the resolutions adopted at the meeting was also made in reference to Khairy and Ahmad. The resolution condemned several “narrow-minded leaders.”

“Their action will jeopardise the racial ties in this multiracial country which is formed based on different ethnicity, cultures and religions.

“Therefore, MCA Youth urges the relevant quarters to take immediate action to avoid these extremists from affecting the harmony in the country,” read the resolution.

Although the resolution did not name Khairy and Ahmad directly, it however stated that the reason for this resolution was due to the duo’s recent statements.

“Khairy made a statement in Parliament that the non-bumiputeras have taken away the bumiputeras’ privileges and their quota for the (government’s) JPA scholarship. His statement is against the cabinet decision.

umno mt meeting on ahmad ismail 100908 ahmad ismail.jpg“Ahmad also made a statement filled with racist elements to the extent that it caused unhappiness in the society. Therefore, serious action should be taken against these racist leaders,” read the document.

Other than this, the other resolutions which were passed included calling on the government to review the ISA and Printing Presses and Publications Act 1948 to make it relevant with the current times.

The Youth wing also expressed support for the government’s move to set up the Malaysian Commission of Anti-Corruption, as well as a special complaints commission on the reforms of the police force and judicial appointment commission.

Election results
In another development, the MCA Youth election results announced at 7pm revealed that those seen to be aligned to the new Youth chief Dr Wee Ka Siong had made a near clean sweep.

Except for the newly-elected deputy secretary-general Loh Chew June, the rest were those whose names had appeared on the cai dan (list of preferred candidates) that was widely circulated today. 

As expected, Perak MCA Youth chief Dr Mah Han Soon won the No 2 post. He garnered 1,152 votes to beat his opponent Song Kee Chai, who polled 394 votes.

Wee, who was the wing’s secretary-general, won the top post uncontested on Monday.

Met by reporters later, Loh thanked the delegates for their support despite him not being on the cai dan. He said this had spurred him to work harder in order to get support from the delegates.

Those who were elected into the wing’s top posts include vice-chairpersons Yong Chen Leong, Yoo Wei How, Dr Chin Tung Leong and Yit Lee Kok. The new secretary-general is Chai Kim Seng. 

Johor activist ISA-ed - Malaysiakini

A 26-year-old activist has been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) tonight following a report she made accusing the police of abuse of power in yesterday’s controversial eviction of a squatter colony in Johor.

Cheng Lee Whee, a self-employed programmer who is a volunteer for human rights group Suaram, lodged the police report at the Permas Jaya police station in Johor Bharu at about 3pm yesterday.

The report was made in response to the forced eviction of squatters in Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah - a predominantly Malay village akin to Kuala Lumpur’s Kampung Baru - and the arrest of 27 individuals for attempting to stop the demolition of the settlement.

Cheng was summoned by inspector Azman Mustafa to the state police headquarters in Seri Alam at around 8pm so that her statement could be taken relating to her police report.

Four of her friends accompanied her to the police station, among them were Suaram Johor Bahru coordinator Nyam Kee Han, Parti Socialis Malaysia central committee member Choo Shinn Chei and Suaram volunteer See Siew Min. The three were arrested yesterday at the forced eviction.

At around 10.45pm, after Cheng had her statement recorded by the police, she was informed by Criminal Investigation Department chief DSP Mohd Nor Rasid that she had been arrested under section 28 of the ISA for "spreading false information".

Section 28 of the ISA involves the dissemination of false reports.

According to the section, "Any person who, by word of mouth or in writing or in any newspaper, periodical, book, circular or other printed publication or by any other means spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm, shall be guilty of an offence."

According to lawyers, section 28 does not empower the police to detain a suspect without trial. The suspect must be brought to court within 24 hours either to be charged or be further remanded to facilitate police investigation.

‘Police chief confirmed ISA arrest’

Cheng was later escorted to the Pasir Gudang police station where she is expected to be remanded tomorrow for further investigation.

DAP state assemblymen for Skudai, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, toldMalaysiakini that he had spoken to Johor police chief Mokhtar Shariff as well as Seri Alam OCPD Supt Roslan Zainuddin by phone and both officers confirmed that Cheng had been held under ISA.

He called on the police to either charge Cheng or free her as soon as possible.

Attempts by Malaysiakini to contact Mokhtar and Roslan were unsuccessful.

Last year, the ISA was invoked in Johor against five individuals for allegedly spreading rumours through SMSes about racial clashes.


Friday, October 17, 2008

CBT at Municipal Council - Malaysiakini

The Star reported that an assistant accountant with the Kuantan Municipal Council was charged with 25 counts of CBT involving RM91,623. 

The accused was alleged to have dishonestly used a portion of the money collected from payments made by the public to the council. 

So, ok, how does this happen? I've been wanting to blog about this but had not the time. As a matter of fact, I had approached Bentayan SA Gwee Tong Hiang to highlight that there could be some possible accounting problems happening in Majlis Perbandaran Muar (MPM). It regards cukai harta.

We are required to pay cukai harta twice a year, on a half-yearly basis. The bills are sent out normally in January and July each year and property owners are given a grace period of two months to pay up. Failing which, a notice (Borang E) will be issued and a fine of RM5.00 is imposed on late payment. 

I received the green Bil Cukai Harta from MPM in July this year and purposely waited (or call it procrastination) till the last working day of August to make payment. Time-stamped 08:27AM dated 29/08/2008, I made the payment at MPM using a credit card.

At the back of the Bil Cukai Harta, it is written that 'Bil yang dicap degan Mesin Penerima Majlis sahaja diakui sah penerimaan pembayarannya'. So yes, when I made my payments, my Bil Cukai Harta was machine-stamped to indicate payment. If you are wondering why I'm beating around the bush rather than going straight to the point, please be patient as you will eventually understand why I need to do so

So, on 29/08/2008 I made my payments to MPM, right? Surprise, surprise, some 3 weeks later, I received a blue coloured 'notis supaya membayar tunggakan kadar'. That's also known as Borang E. That meant, in MPM's accounting records, I had not make payments and therefore this is a notice to me to pay up within 15 days from the date of notice. I was given until 29/09/2008 to make payment although I've already paid.

Some might want to think that this is an isolated case and could be a genuine mistake, right? Hold on your horses.

I spoke to my neighbour and showed him my bills and told him that something is definitely wrong somewhere. He then said that he received the blue notice (Borang E) too and had just make payments a day earlier. Immediately he went inside his house and searched all this bills and presto, he discovered he had made payments for the second half 2008 earlier. Double payment, correct?

He brought along both his bills and went over to MPM to make enquiries about his double payments and to get a refund. After the clerk went through his bills, checking the computer and jotting down something, he was told that it will be reflected in next year's bill. 

I am sceptical that it will be reflected in next year's bill. However, I am optimistic that we are not the only ones and this could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Was it last year or the year before that the same thing happened to me. I remember vividly that I had made payment but received the blue notice later. However, due to poor housekeeping, I couldn't find the green bill that was validated. 

When I went to MPM to make enquiries, I saw that I wasn't the only one. There were a few others but they had with them the green bills and hence they did not have to make a repeat payment. When I enquired, I was bluntly told that if  I had made payments, then I must produce proof of payment. To which, I had no answer but to pay up.

I had paid by cash and there was no other evidence of payment except the validated green bill. It was a lost cause. I paid up.

Ever since that day, I've been mindful of dealing with MPM in regards to paying cukai harta. I would make sure that I would at least have another way to prove that payment had been made. Hence, I made use of credit cards.

So you see, if you make payment by cash, you have no other alternative to prove payment except for the validated green bill. If you had paid by cheque, credit card or through banks, there would exist somewhere a record of your payment. However, if you forgotten about it altogether that you had paid earlier and make a repeat payment for the same bill, God Bless You.

It is now October and in 3 months' time, we will be receiving a new green bill from MPM. I'm in catch-22 situation. Should I wait till January 2009 or to immediately approach MPM for an answer? I decided to wait out. That's because of 2 situations currently existing.

One, I had paid and am issued a blue Borang E. That means I have not made any repeat payment.

Two, my neighbour had paid and was issued a blue Borang E. That means he made payments twice.

Come January 2009, what will our green Bil Cukai Harta show? That's the question that require answer. I will wait out.

However, if there are more than the 2 of us, and that nobody does anything, could there be possibly a scam or perhaps a CBT taking place at MPM? 

I shall continue with part 2 as to why I had decided not to follow Gwee Tong Hiang to MPM this morning to follow up on this issue. Gwee had earlier booked an appointment with the S/U to meet at 10 this morning.

I therefore once again apologise to Gwee for not being able to accompany him to keep the appointment with the S/U. However, I had SMS-ed him this morning.

Crocodile Tears - Malaysiakini

Can a shameless man shed tears? 

In Malaysiakini's words, he 'was in tears when he bid farewell'.

I'm just as sure that someone out there is saying, 'Stop that right now, I know they're not real tears'.

Sampai Tekak Kering Tapi Lucu - Malaysiakini

The people have shouted their voice hoarse but still, things ain't changing.

When the price of crude oil was steadily climbing, gas stations nationwide cheered.

Back then, when we caught sight of gas tankers coming out in fleets to make deliveries at once, we shivered while the gas station operators smiled. Such a sight always confirm any rumour of any impending price hike.

It is different today. It is the opposite. As price of crude oil tumbles, it is the gas station operators who tremble! Any rumour of any impending price reduction will be confirmed by the lack or otherwise non-existence of delivery tankers on the road!

As I had blogged and commented in various blogs, don't expect a big reduction in the price of gasoline. That's because it has always been the case of the kanasai-gomen protecting the businesses than the rakyat.

The businesses are capable of holding the kanasai-gomen by the throat. These gas station operators can repeat the scene of the Hari Raya exodus whereby they ran out of gas to sell.

It becomes a delicate matter today. Formerly, awaiting and expecting any price hikes,  all of us would fill our tanks to the brim, especially the gas station operators.

Today, most of us do not fill her up to the brim. So too, the operators. The similarity stops here.

Gasoline price drops, most consumers cheer while the operators lick their wounds counting the losses incurred.

But hey, wait a minute, let's hop over to Oklahoma City to take a peek at the prices of gasoline there.

Updated (US time) 3:00pm Thursday, Regular RON92 is selling at US2.33 per Gallon. 1US Gallon = 3.785 litres or otherwise US0.61 per litre.

Unsubsidised Regular RON92 is being sold at US0.61 at 7-Eleven, Oklahoma City. At an exchange rate of RM3.50 to the Greenback, it is RM2.15 per litre.

Hey, didn't this kanasai-gomen said our fuel is subsidized at 30sen a litre? If so, how come the pump price of Regular RON92 sold at RM2.20 per litre is more expensive compared the above?

I didn't know America is subsidising fuel too!!! Either that or we are being cheated!!!

But did anyone notice that recent reports did not mention anything about fuel subsidy? Even Shahrir made no mention in the recent price adjustments! Read here.

Does it mean that we are now paying market price plus tax? How else can anybody explain that one can get cheaper REgular RON92 in Oklahoma City whereby gasoline is TAXED plus all the costs of refinery, transportation, commission?

Ain't it funny at all, that subsidised and tax-free Regular RON92 sold in Malaysia is more expensive and yet Malaysia is an oil exporter?

Poison Biscuits Buatan Malaise-ia - Malaysiakini

Exactly two weeks ago, on Friday, October 3, I blogged about 'melamine cookies' found in Vietnam.  

After dilly-dallying and showing no urgency in exercising his responsibility as a Health Minister to protect the rakyat, the results are out .... Khong Guan and Khian Guan biscuits Buatan Malase-ia are confirmed melamine contaminated!

Between October 3 and today, how many kids have consumed the poison biscuits? How many other products out there are actually contaminated that we are not privileged to know? I still have suspicions as to whatever that's permitted or cleared by the Health Ministry to be sold to the rakyat. 

There is no transparency. I am still waiting for the truths to be told as to who is/are the one/s who's actually conducting all the tests and the procedures. In this country where all rumours are eventually found to be truths, I'm afraid I'm sticking to my opinion that it is the manufacturers who provide the Health Ministry with the test results. I have blogged on this issue too.

Anyway, let's get back to this melamine cookies Buatan Malaise-ia. All eyes were first fixed on Indonesia as the original news mentioned both Malaysia and Indonesia being the exporters. So, OK, Indonesia went ahead to test the said products and after extensive testing, including using the LC MSMS method which has a sensitivity of one part per BILLION, melamine wasn't detected. That means ZERO.

There seems something fishy about this pointing of fingers but I wouldn't dare speculate lest I got whacked with multi-million ringgit suit. I would let you decide for yourself whethere there was some plot. Read here.

However, the question I would raise is this - Why did the Health Ministry waited until Indonesia released its test results to confirm that its products were melamine-free before lifting a finger to conduct test on the melamine biscuits Buatan Malaise-ia? Why?

For the record:

Dated 16/10/08: NST reported that 'Liow said Malaysian-made Khong Guan biscuits were tested as a precautionary measure'. 

Dated 17/10/08: TheStar reported '18 out of 47 products have been found with excessive levels of melamine and the manufacturer has been instructed to recall them'.

Caveat: The Star also reported that the contamination was found in ammonium carbonate. Health Ministry will now conduct tests on all factories using ammonium carbonate. 

Scary thoughts: It only takes some 24 hours to get the results as shown above and that the question we need to ask is that HOW many manufacturers out there are using ammonium carbonate imported from China in the production of biscuits? Scary because the Health Minister has proven itself incompetent in handling this crisis.

This Kanasai Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai has no shame at all! If he has, he would have tendered his resignation weeks ago! 

Therefore, I ain't calling for his resignation this time knowing he has no shame!

The Melamine-tainted Biscuits, released by Health Ministry after procrastination in conducting tests:

Khong Guan
1. Biskut Soda
2. Biskut Lemon Puff
3. Biskut Lemon Pof
4. Biskut Butter Cream
5. Biskut Baby Fish
6. Biskut Healthy Cracker
7. Biskut Cocoa Puff
8. Biskut Sandwich Oren
9. Biskut Family Crackers
10. Biskut Bentuk Binatang
11. Biskut Rokok
12. Biskut Mini Puff

Khian Guan
1. Biskut Creamy Chocolate
2. Biskut Lemon Puff
3. Biskut Square Puff
4. Biskut Cocoa Puff
5. Biskut Jagung Puff

I personally believe that the list doesn't stop here and it could be a mile long and therefore I would strongly suggest parents to take their kids and toddlers for a check-up. We've been had for this long and the best assurance that our kids and toddlers are not 'poisoned' would be to go for a check-up.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Liow Tiong Lai lied again! - Malaysiakini

The Star today reports that the Health Ministry had conducted tests on the ingredients used to make the melamine tainted cheese powder to-go that's supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan.

While tests in Taiwan showed that this said cheese packet contained melamine at 70 ppm, Malaysian tests conducted by the Health Ministry found that the creamer and cheese powder are FREE of melamine.

Under such circumstances, I am challenging Health Minsitry Liow Tion Lai to sue Pizza Hut Taiwan for alleging that the Made-In-Malaysia cheese packet is contaminated with melamine. Pizza Hut Taiwan has severely damaged the good name of Malaysia and it is only correct that the Health Ministry first demand an unreserved apology from Pizza Hut Taiwan and/or to sue Pizza Hut Taiwan for damages.

Failing which, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai must resign for his incompetency in managing this crisis.

The Star
further reports that while the cheese powder is sourced from New Zealand, nothing is mentioned as to the source of the creamer. That's the level of transparency we get.

This being the case, allow me to shed some light regards the melamine tainted cheese packet supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan.

Pick Food and Machinery Corp is the manufacturer and supplier of the said melamine tainted cheese packet that's supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan. While the cheese powder used to produce the cheese packet comes from New Zealand, the creamer is sourced from Malaysia, supplied by Eonlipids Sdn Bhd.

So, which is melamine contaminated? The cheese powder supplied by Fonterra Brands Pte Ltd or the creamer supplied by Eonlipids Sdn Bhd?

The bad news is that Fonterra had claimed that its cheese powder had been tested in Taiwan and was cleared. Now, Malaysian Health Ministry clears the creamer! However, allow me to quote The New Straits Times on how Liow Tiong Lai clears this cheese packet as melamine free:

Liow said tests on "cheese packets" made from creamer and cheese powder imported from New Zealand showed they were melamine-free.

It is clear that either Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai is being fed misinformations or he is simply lying through his teeth. Again I ask, who is the Health Minister protecting? The businesses or the rakyat?

The worry does not stop here. As Eonlipids Sdn Bhd is the supplier of the said creamer that's used to produce the cheese packet, Eonlipids also produces these products.

The New Straits Times
quoted Liow Tiong Lai as saying, "the creamer used in making 3-in-1 instant coffee and instant cereal had been reported tainted by several websites after Pizza Hut Taiwan found melamine at 70 ppm in the cheese packets"

At this point, how safe is our creamer product? The coffee creamer, milk tea creamer, ground coffee creamer, high fat baking creamer, herbal creamer, rtd creamer, cappuccino creamer, liquid creamer, vegetarian creamer and filled milk creamer?

As at today, for the records on Made-In-Malaysia melamine products,

1. Melamine Cheese Sandwich (Taiwan) - Health Ministry clears

2. Melamine Cheese Packet (Pizza Hut Taiwan) - Health Ministry clears.

3. Melamine Cookies (Vietnam) - under investigations.

Resign now, Liow Tiong Lai, before Malaysia sees the first death due to melamine!

Update: The spins;

The Star: The creamer for the cheese packet is supplied by a Malaysian company and it is also used to make products such as three-in-one instant coffee and cereal while the cheese powder is imported from New Zealand.

NST: Liow said tests on "cheese packets" made from creamer and cheese powder imported from New Zealand showed they were melamine-free

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Health Ministry Legalise Melamine In Food Products - Malaysiakini

I wouldn't know if I'm alone in this fight to get the Health Ministry to come clean and transparent in its handling of the melamine crisis. Apparently, it seems that the opposition is not keen on this issue even though I had left comments at Kit's and Teresa's blogs seeking their supports to further this cause.

Ok, never mind if I'm alone to take on this lying Health Minister.

A few days ago, I blogged that Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai was lying through his teeth when he said that the European Union countries have a permissible level of 30ppm melamine in foodstuffs. He proved himself incompetent and unfit to be a Health Minister when he attempted to convince and to coax the rakyat to consume food products that are tainted with melamine as long as the content is below the 'permissible' level. Hence, I called for his resignation.

The Health Ministry has not been transparent in its handling of this crisis and there are many questions that demand answers. I have only a few questions and I asked the Health Minister to reveal all the informations, including the person or persons responsible for feeding him misinformations about permissible level of melamine in food products as well as the person or persons responsible for the testing method, the reasons why the approach was taken and its limitations, because the rakyat have the rights to challenge the government's decisions and the need for information to be transparent and readily available.

The first answer I received regards testing method was through 2 pieces of news articles published in The Star and Bernama. Speculations have it that it is the manufacturers who provide their test results to the ministry. Let's hear out the spins:

The Star: 1008 products have guarantee safety by the manufacturers.

Bernama: 1008 products found to be free of the substance (melamine)

In my opinion, based on the spins above, there could be a truth. The bare truth could be that the Health Ministry takes it as gospel truth when manufacturers provide their test results to the ministry and that the ministry will in turn just rubber stamp the test results and presto, the food products are melamine free! Isn't this a possibility? Is the Health Minister defending the manufacturers?

UPDATE: We should not have to depend on foreign health institutes alone to obtain these findings for us - The Star

I once again stress that there isn't such a thing as a permisisble level of melamine in food products. To allow melamine is akin to allowing dioxin to be added into food products, which is an illegal act. Worse, legalising melamine in food products, however low the permissible level, is to encourage manufacturers to cheat. Any manufacturer will now know how to boost the protein level in their food products and will surely explore this loophole.

10 days ago, Taiwan's Health Minister Lin Fang-yu resigned over this mishandling of the crisis when he raised the 'permissible' level of melamine from ZERO to 2.5ppm. Why so? It is clear that ZERO means melamine in food products is illegal while a 2.5ppm melamine in food products is legalising melamine in food products.

Today, our Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai has followed in the foodsteps of Taiwan's ex-Health Minister to legalise melamine in food products when he openly declared that from now on, the permissible level of melamine in food products is 2.5 ppm while for baby products, 1 ppm is allowed!

This is clearly a mishandling of the crisis and our Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai is incompetent. Is he going to legalise dioxin in food products too? Who is more important, the manufacturers or the lives of rakyat?

For putting the health and lives of the rakyat at risks, this Health Minister must resign!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Defending Businesses or Protecting Rakyat? - Malaysiakini

I have been saying that there's a crisis of confidence faced by the Health Ministry.

First of all, did Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai misled the rakyat when he coaxed us to consume foodstuffs that contain melamine as long as it is within the permissible level? What permissible level? Our Health Ministry has not enlighten us what Malaysia's safety level is! Liow Tiong Lai had only mentioned that the European Union countries have it at 30 ppm which is a lie. There isn't such a thing as a safety level of melamine in foodstuffs. It is ZERO!

Now that Taiwan exposed that one of the found products containing Melamine came from Malaysia, it amuses me that our Health Ministry is super efficient in coming out to defend the manufacturer saying that it was a one-off consignment with a Malaysian company and that the ingredients were supplied by the company in Taiwan.

I hate to say it but that's not convincing enough. Food Quality and Safety Department director Noraini Mohd Othman also mentioned that over 200 types of food products worth RM469,158 had been sealed since Sept 23. Please, please, please, I'm pleading with you, let us know the list of the over 200 types of food products. We want product names! We don't want numbers and figures.

Noraini also spilled the beans to confirm suspicions as to how foodstuffs are deemed safe for consumption by declaring that '1008 products have guarantees of safety by the manufacturers'. What? Is it to mean that the department relies on test results supplied by the manufacturers as speculated? It is true! And what guarantee of safety? It is to guarantee that the food products contain melamine but below the 'permisisble' level set by the Health Ministry or it is a guarantee of safety tht the food products do not contain melamine?

Which is which? What is the safety level of melamine permitted by the Health Ministry? Is there really such a thing as a permissible level of melamine in food products? Who exactly is the Health Ministry protecting, businesses or the rakyat?

Crisis of confidence, do any of you remember the mad cow scare a few years ago? What if I were to refresh your memory that an international consumer rights group known as Foodwatch reported that bovine meat and bone meal which could be a source of bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE contamination was exported from Germany to Malaysia?

Consumer Association of Penang is calling on the Health Ministry to check on this report and make public its findings. Till now, no news forthcoming!

And oh, this mad cow disease made its way to Georgetown, Penang. That answers why symptoms of this madness was seen recently to the extent that when a reporter reported this mad cow, she was detained under ISA for her safety!

Update: Bernama reports that 1008 products from 36 companies were found to be free of the substance (melamine), quoting Noraini.

The Star: 1008 products have guarantee safety by the manufacturers

Bernama: 1008 products found to be free of the substance (melamine)

Understand now why I call it a crisis of confidence?

Gasoline prices - Malaysiakini

There are many arguments as to how pump prices of fuel are derived. Sadly, I'm afraid nobody can give a correct formula and can only do some rough guessing.

The formula in calculating our pump prices of fuel is considered a priviledged secret and could probably be protected under OSA. Beats me, I wonder why the need for such secrecy when such a simple thing should be made transparent.

Take a look at the widget on the right. The quoted gasoline prices per gallon are ex-refinery. Therfore, we can conclude that the gasoline is engine-ready. Next, different states in the United States imposes different amount of taxes. Finally, we would need to add transportation and commissions.

Let's toy with some figures again. We shall take a similar product that's available in Malaysia and that would be RON 92 (regular).

Ex-refinery, US2.61 per gallon. Each US gallon equals 3.785 litres.

US2.61 / 3.785 = US0.689 per litre, convert to Ringgit, US0.689 X 3.40 = RM2.34 per litre

So, ok. We can somehow conclude that the ex-refinery price of Regular grade gasoline (RON92) is RM2.34 per litre.

The cheapest gasoline in the US today could possibly be found in Kansas City, at US2.85 per US Gallon. There's a website called www.GasBuddy.com and you would be able to view prices of gasoline across the US and Canada, with prices updated on a regular basis and sometimes the update can be as often as twice a day!

Picking the lowest available gasoline at US2.85 per US Gallon, pump price, we can somehow make a rough estimate that taxes, transportation and commission come to;

US2.85 - US2.61 = US0.24. This of course, is again an assumption.

Now, let's get further. Using this same price of Regular Grade gasoline (RON92), we try to convert to Ringgit per litre.

US2.85 / 3.785 X RM3.40 = RM2.56 per litre.

Aha! Maybe now we're getting somewhere. At 7-Eleven, Kansas City East, Friday 11.45am, the price of Regular grade RON92 gasoline, UNSUBSIDISED, is at RM2.56 per litre.

How about the price of subsidised Regular Grade RON92, pump price, in Malaysia? RM2.30

What's the difference between subsidised and unsubsidised Regular Grade RON92, the price difference between an oil importing nation and and oil exporting nation?

Well, a meagre 26 sen! And that, our UMNO gomen tells us that they are subsidising 33 sen per litre!

And oh, see the mess in Kuala Lumpur lately? Gas station running dry on fuel? Why so?


Friday, October 3, 2008

God didn't make everyone the same - Malaysiakini

Imam Abdullah Antepli:, chaplain at Duke University:

"God could have made everyone the same, but He didn't."

"If you put me in an entirely homogenous place, same religion, same race, same everything, I will die in three weeks."

"I need diversity. That's my natural habitat"

"We are to learn from our differences, not use them to divide us"

Diversity is 'fingerprint of God'. Read here.

Vietnam finds Made-In-Malaysia 'melamine' cookies - Malaysiakini

Vietnam's Health Ministry announces 18 products tainted with melamine. Some of the tainted products are Made-In-Malaysia!

Of the 18, 5 cookies brands imported from Malaysia and Indonesia had high contents of melamine! See if you can nail down the Buatan Malaise-ia 'melamine' cookies!

Vietnam's list of melamine tainted products:

1. Dai Vinh Company: Khong Guan, Khina Guan Aquare Puff, Khong Guan Marie and Khian Guan Superior

2. Anco Company: Full Cream Milk Powder

3. Kim An Company: Yili Milk

For full list, read here.

Melamine Cheese Sandwich Buatan Malaysia - Malaysiakini

The Made-In-Malaysia cheese sandwich imported into Taiwan by Golden Kestrel Co that's tested positive for melamine contains 29.818 ppm melamine.

What is this product labelled under Malaysian sun? I wouldn't dare speculate the brand name I heard in case I face a lawsuit and possibly be protected by Syed Botak under his ISA protection law but I have this question for all of you to digest.

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said that it is safe to consume melamine-tainted products as long as it is below the 'permissible' level of 30 ppm.

In such a case, if the same cheese sandwich is sold in Malaysia but packaged under a different name, does it mean that our Health Ministry won't remove them from the shelves?

Is it possible that after all the tests conducted, there could be many products tainted with melamine being sold because they passed the 'permissible' level of 30 ppm?

In view of this, we must demand that the Health Ministry release its test results public so that we can make a decision for ourselves whether to buy the melamine tainted products.

I have every reason to believe that melamine tainted products are sold openly in Malaysia but are not taken off the shelves because they PASSED the 30 ppm limit.

Health Ministry protecting who? Businesses or rakyat? I demand that this Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai resign immediately!


Taiwan finds melamine in Nestle! - Malaysiakini

Taiwan's Department of Health (DOH) finds melamine in 6 Nestle products and ordered that they be removed from te shelves. The products comprised 5 products under the KLIM label and Neslac.

Although tests showed that the amount of melamine is below the raised safety level of melamine at 2.5 ppm, DOH still ordered their removal as a temporary and cautious measure. This safety level was raised from 0 to 2.5 ppm last week which resulted in the resignation of Taiwan's health minister, Lin Fang-yu while over here on Malaysian soil, our health minister Liow Tiong Lai is misleading us to believe that as long as food products contain melamine below 30 ppm, it is safe for consumption!

Taiwan's Premier Liu Chao-hsuan told Parliament that he 'hereby makes a formal request to demand China to apologise to Taiwan' and that after the concerned departments have calculated and confirmed the damages, they will seek compensation from China.

In Vietnam, its Ministry of Health is expected to release a list of melamine-contaminated products. The Health Minister, Cao Minh Quang said that his ministry had identified melamine-tainted milk products imported from Malaysia!

Yep, that's right! Another Made-In-Malaysia product tainted with melamine discovered! Taiwan and Vietnam, who's next? Will Made-In-Malaysia products come under the radar to be tested for melamine globally? What is our Health Ministry doing about it?

Meanwhile, another Dutch Mill Co's 60 tonnes of powder that's imported from China and kept at Samut Prakarn will be tested by Thailand's FDA due to possible melamine contamination. An attempt to return the milk powder to China was blocked by the FDA until test results are known. The FDA had earlier tested 20 tonnes of milk powder stored at Nakhon Pathom for melamine and the result was positive.

In Korea, its Health Minister strengthens stricter food safety and set labelling rules on all food products including those imported. Producers of harmful goods will lose their import license for a second violation and be subjected to class action lawsuits.

In America, instant coffee is being recalled. Read the list of recalled items here.

Questioning the responsibility of our Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, when he mislead the rakyat that it is safe to consume products contaminated with melamine as long as it is within the 'permissible' level of 30 ppm, is he also implying that the government can close one eye if manufacturers add melamine to their products as long as it is within the 'permissible' 30 ppm?

Taiwan's ex-Health Minister Lin Fang-yu resigned over this issue of poor handling of a crisis and the new Health Minister, Yeh Ching-chuan is seen to be handling this crisis well.

What about this Bolehland?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Comparing Integrity of Health Ministers - Malaysiakini

Please read the following 2 news articles; the first pertaining to our Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai while the other regards Taiwan's Health Minister Lin Fang-yu.

The issue is regards melamine in foodstuffs. Lin Fang-yu raised the level of permissible level of melamine in foodstuffs from zero to 2.5ppm and subsequently apologised to the people of Taiwan. He took the responsibility and duly resigned.

Our Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai today lied through his teeth that the European Union countries allow a 30ppmn melamine in foodstuffs and that Malaysians should not worry about melamine contamination as long as it is within permissible level. What's the permissible level of melamine in Malaysia, when it is zero worldwide and that Taiwan's Health Minister needed to bear responsibility and to resign for raising the level from zero to 2.5ppm (against the 'suggested' 30ppm)?

If there is integrity, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai must apologise immediately and resign!

Resign! Liow Tiong Lai - Malaysiakini

I'm calling for the resignation of our Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai, for putting Malaysians lives at risk due to melamine-contaminated food.

Melamine is something that is not supposed to be included in foodstuffs and is akin to allowing dioxin to be added into foodstuffs. Adding dioxin to foodstuffs is ILLEGAL and the same is viewed upon melamine.

Liow Tiong Lai lied through his teeth when he claimed that the European Union countries allow 30 parts per million (ppm) of melamin in all food products. According to the US, EU and WHO, the permissible level of melamine is zero, not zero detection.

Liow Tiong Lai is neglecting his duties as Health Minister in asking the public not to panic if they find smal portions of melamine in their food, as long as it is within the permission level. What permissible level? Where did Liow Tiong Lai get his fact that there's a permissible level of melamine in foodstuffs?

Is Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai suggesting that melamine should be allowed in foodstuffs?

In contrast, Taiwan Health Minister, Lin Fang-yu resigned after raising the permissible level of melamine in raw material and processed foodstuffs from zero to 2.5ppm.

I further call upon Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai to reveal all the information, including the person or persons responsible for feeding him such misinformations about permissible level of melamine in foodstuffs as well as the person or persons responsible for the testing method, the reasons why the approach was chosen and its limitations, because the rakyat have the right to challenge the government's decision and the need for information to be transparent and readily available.

Wanna bet your kidneys? Malaysiakini

Taiwan has found Melamine-contaminated products that's Made-In-Malaysia!

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The Taipei City Health Bureau of Taipei City has decided to examine dairy products from Malaysia after the Golden Kestrel Co. informed the bureau that their cheese sandwich exported from Malaysia contained 29.818 parts per million of melamine.

I'm still checking to find out who's the local manufacturer but we can meanwhile stay away from all Cheese Crackers.

Meanwhile, on this cheesy stuffs, Taiwan's Pizza Hut has voluntarily sent its products to be tested and found melamine in its cheese-to-go. Acting accordingly, Pizza Hut Taiwan advises customers to dump those to-go packets.

And guess where do the tainted cheese powder come from? Oh no! Allegedly, from Malaysia!

It seems apparently clear that our Ministry of Health is not doing enough to protect the safety of the people. It baffles the mind to see the big names in Malaysia paying big bucks to place advertisements in newspapers that their ingredients are not sourced from China.

How about placing advertisemens guaranteeing that their products are melamine-free? Surely, such a bold claim can open their doors to lawsuits and claims.

Yet gain, what's the hell is our Health Minister doing about this crisis? Can he come clean and be transparent to enlighten the citizenry how the tests are conducted and who conduct the tests? Is it the manufacturers providing the MOH with test results or are the tests conducted by the MOH itself or through third party?

In Taiwan, the DOH came out transparent to explain how they conduct the tests. Their Health Minister publicly assuaged the public's concerns with this standard testing method while ours is apparently busy with something else like perhaps its own survival whether in MCA or at worst, the fall of UMNO.

So, still wanna bet your kidneys? Taiwan has linked Malaysia to Melamine-contaminated products and it is only right that our Health Minister replies with findings and actions.

It is too late to sweep everything under the carpet!