Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Liow Tiong Lai lied again! - Malaysiakini

The Star today reports that the Health Ministry had conducted tests on the ingredients used to make the melamine tainted cheese powder to-go that's supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan.

While tests in Taiwan showed that this said cheese packet contained melamine at 70 ppm, Malaysian tests conducted by the Health Ministry found that the creamer and cheese powder are FREE of melamine.

Under such circumstances, I am challenging Health Minsitry Liow Tion Lai to sue Pizza Hut Taiwan for alleging that the Made-In-Malaysia cheese packet is contaminated with melamine. Pizza Hut Taiwan has severely damaged the good name of Malaysia and it is only correct that the Health Ministry first demand an unreserved apology from Pizza Hut Taiwan and/or to sue Pizza Hut Taiwan for damages.

Failing which, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai must resign for his incompetency in managing this crisis.

The Star
further reports that while the cheese powder is sourced from New Zealand, nothing is mentioned as to the source of the creamer. That's the level of transparency we get.

This being the case, allow me to shed some light regards the melamine tainted cheese packet supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan.

Pick Food and Machinery Corp is the manufacturer and supplier of the said melamine tainted cheese packet that's supplied to Pizza Hut Taiwan. While the cheese powder used to produce the cheese packet comes from New Zealand, the creamer is sourced from Malaysia, supplied by Eonlipids Sdn Bhd.

So, which is melamine contaminated? The cheese powder supplied by Fonterra Brands Pte Ltd or the creamer supplied by Eonlipids Sdn Bhd?

The bad news is that Fonterra had claimed that its cheese powder had been tested in Taiwan and was cleared. Now, Malaysian Health Ministry clears the creamer! However, allow me to quote The New Straits Times on how Liow Tiong Lai clears this cheese packet as melamine free:

Liow said tests on "cheese packets" made from creamer and cheese powder imported from New Zealand showed they were melamine-free.

It is clear that either Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai is being fed misinformations or he is simply lying through his teeth. Again I ask, who is the Health Minister protecting? The businesses or the rakyat?

The worry does not stop here. As Eonlipids Sdn Bhd is the supplier of the said creamer that's used to produce the cheese packet, Eonlipids also produces these products.

The New Straits Times
quoted Liow Tiong Lai as saying, "the creamer used in making 3-in-1 instant coffee and instant cereal had been reported tainted by several websites after Pizza Hut Taiwan found melamine at 70 ppm in the cheese packets"

At this point, how safe is our creamer product? The coffee creamer, milk tea creamer, ground coffee creamer, high fat baking creamer, herbal creamer, rtd creamer, cappuccino creamer, liquid creamer, vegetarian creamer and filled milk creamer?

As at today, for the records on Made-In-Malaysia melamine products,

1. Melamine Cheese Sandwich (Taiwan) - Health Ministry clears

2. Melamine Cheese Packet (Pizza Hut Taiwan) - Health Ministry clears.

3. Melamine Cookies (Vietnam) - under investigations.

Resign now, Liow Tiong Lai, before Malaysia sees the first death due to melamine!

Update: The spins;

The Star: The creamer for the cheese packet is supplied by a Malaysian company and it is also used to make products such as three-in-one instant coffee and cereal while the cheese powder is imported from New Zealand.

NST: Liow said tests on "cheese packets" made from creamer and cheese powder imported from New Zealand showed they were melamine-free


Anonymous said...

Freddy Toh. I hail you again.Thank you.You noticed or not ,only MOH is involved in the melamine debacle.Whereas, in issues of petrol price, rice, cooking oil, bus tickets and so called public transport, every body jump onto the bullock cart and tok a lot.So sumting wrong is becoming very big wrong.Mebbe, becos no one's baby died (yet) and no one children got kidney problems.Anyone beside you and I interested or not ?Mebbe evevy one of great name sake busy with Party Elections or cort cases.Even RPK case a bit cold.Too much deja voo.Keep pushing and screaming.Arjun

Anonymous said...

What the Fcuk. Just compare the list of melamine-tainted products released by the Singapore AVA and that by our very own MOH. You will notice that a lot more of the Malaysian products (like Julie's biscuits) listed in the AVA list are glaringly absent. AVA listed 12 Julie's products as of 28 Oct 2008 while the MOH list is only 4 Julie's products. Now what does all these amount to? A conspiracy no doubt. An e-mail to the MOH to seek clarification was greeted with deathly silence.