Friday, October 17, 2008

Sampai Tekak Kering Tapi Lucu - Malaysiakini

The people have shouted their voice hoarse but still, things ain't changing.

When the price of crude oil was steadily climbing, gas stations nationwide cheered.

Back then, when we caught sight of gas tankers coming out in fleets to make deliveries at once, we shivered while the gas station operators smiled. Such a sight always confirm any rumour of any impending price hike.

It is different today. It is the opposite. As price of crude oil tumbles, it is the gas station operators who tremble! Any rumour of any impending price reduction will be confirmed by the lack or otherwise non-existence of delivery tankers on the road!

As I had blogged and commented in various blogs, don't expect a big reduction in the price of gasoline. That's because it has always been the case of the kanasai-gomen protecting the businesses than the rakyat.

The businesses are capable of holding the kanasai-gomen by the throat. These gas station operators can repeat the scene of the Hari Raya exodus whereby they ran out of gas to sell.

It becomes a delicate matter today. Formerly, awaiting and expecting any price hikes,  all of us would fill our tanks to the brim, especially the gas station operators.

Today, most of us do not fill her up to the brim. So too, the operators. The similarity stops here.

Gasoline price drops, most consumers cheer while the operators lick their wounds counting the losses incurred.

But hey, wait a minute, let's hop over to Oklahoma City to take a peek at the prices of gasoline there.

Updated (US time) 3:00pm Thursday, Regular RON92 is selling at US2.33 per Gallon. 1US Gallon = 3.785 litres or otherwise US0.61 per litre.

Unsubsidised Regular RON92 is being sold at US0.61 at 7-Eleven, Oklahoma City. At an exchange rate of RM3.50 to the Greenback, it is RM2.15 per litre.

Hey, didn't this kanasai-gomen said our fuel is subsidized at 30sen a litre? If so, how come the pump price of Regular RON92 sold at RM2.20 per litre is more expensive compared the above?

I didn't know America is subsidising fuel too!!! Either that or we are being cheated!!!

But did anyone notice that recent reports did not mention anything about fuel subsidy? Even Shahrir made no mention in the recent price adjustments! Read here.

Does it mean that we are now paying market price plus tax? How else can anybody explain that one can get cheaper REgular RON92 in Oklahoma City whereby gasoline is TAXED plus all the costs of refinery, transportation, commission?

Ain't it funny at all, that subsidised and tax-free Regular RON92 sold in Malaysia is more expensive and yet Malaysia is an oil exporter?

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