Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wanna bet your kidneys? Malaysiakini

Taiwan has found Melamine-contaminated products that's Made-In-Malaysia!

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The Taipei City Health Bureau of Taipei City has decided to examine dairy products from Malaysia after the Golden Kestrel Co. informed the bureau that their cheese sandwich exported from Malaysia contained 29.818 parts per million of melamine.

I'm still checking to find out who's the local manufacturer but we can meanwhile stay away from all Cheese Crackers.

Meanwhile, on this cheesy stuffs, Taiwan's Pizza Hut has voluntarily sent its products to be tested and found melamine in its cheese-to-go. Acting accordingly, Pizza Hut Taiwan advises customers to dump those to-go packets.

And guess where do the tainted cheese powder come from? Oh no! Allegedly, from Malaysia!

It seems apparently clear that our Ministry of Health is not doing enough to protect the safety of the people. It baffles the mind to see the big names in Malaysia paying big bucks to place advertisements in newspapers that their ingredients are not sourced from China.

How about placing advertisemens guaranteeing that their products are melamine-free? Surely, such a bold claim can open their doors to lawsuits and claims.

Yet gain, what's the hell is our Health Minister doing about this crisis? Can he come clean and be transparent to enlighten the citizenry how the tests are conducted and who conduct the tests? Is it the manufacturers providing the MOH with test results or are the tests conducted by the MOH itself or through third party?

In Taiwan, the DOH came out transparent to explain how they conduct the tests. Their Health Minister publicly assuaged the public's concerns with this standard testing method while ours is apparently busy with something else like perhaps its own survival whether in MCA or at worst, the fall of UMNO.

So, still wanna bet your kidneys? Taiwan has linked Malaysia to Melamine-contaminated products and it is only right that our Health Minister replies with findings and actions.

It is too late to sweep everything under the carpet!



Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we start avoiding all cheese products and also Pizza Hut until the Health Ministry can/dare to confirm its findings?

Anonymous said...

man. please find out the BRAND and we shall have to boycott ALL the products it produces . This is a step all Malaysians Should take.We as consumers should take joint action to ensure all those who have no conscience will not be able to do any kind of business in this country! Apology is not enough!!

spmphysicstrial said...

for the time being, only take australia and nz milk nia ....