Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Melamine: Do you have faith in our govt? - Malaysiakini

As at today, what are the products that are suspected to be tainted with melamine? Instead of providing a list of suspected products, the health ministry prefers to supply us a long list of products that it clears safe for consumption

Yet again, there are doubts. On 23/09/08, I sounded a warning that there could be tainted products on our Malaysian shelves.

Across the causeway, the AVA of Singapore acted firmly and quickly to remove products. That is a very commendable act in the name of protecting the citizens from harm or even death.

Prevention is always better than cure but as if our clowning Health Minister found wanting of being in the know, he declared and boasted that "we were quicker than Singapore in banning products from China and expanding our scope".

Now, as we know, we are still not given a list of products banned in Malaysia and we still don't know how far this bimbo health minister has expanded the scope.

The problem with melamine taited products is far from over. The latest development;

1. Cadbury chocolates is off the shelves in Hong Kong.

2. In Thailand, FDA found melamine in milk powder imported from China by Dutch Mill Co while FDA's off the shelves list are;
i) M&M chocolates
ii) Lotte koala biscuits
iii) Oreo wafer sticks
iv) Dove milk chocolates
v) Snickers caramel peanut bars and nougat
vi) Mentos yoghurt candies
vii) Mao Huad coffee and oatmeal crackers

3. In Indonesia, Kraft Food Inc. and Mars Inc. suspend sales of Chinese-made Oreo, M&Ms and Snickers.

Over here, these companies are spending big bucks advertising in newspapers that their products are safe for consumption after given the all-clear green light by MOH.

Is there something wrong with our government?

Is this country called Malaysia or Malaise-ia?



Palaboy said...

There issues about milk products coming from china that has melamine in it has spread worldwide. Not only in Malaysia but people around the world are scared that their foods are also contaminated with melamine. Even the Philippines have started to pull milk products including chocolate and other dairy products in groceries that are suspected of high melamine content . Here's 52 Milk Products that could be banned due to high Melamine Content in the Philippines.

im sure a lot of chocolate lovers will miss eating their Cadbury chocolates.

Stormbringer said...

that's how they work. tipu la selagi boleh tipu...
try to spin the story sampai orang sume jadi bodo...
betul punya sakit hati
sampai malas nak tengok ni sume...
bila au tukar? kata mau tukar?