Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jokessssss of the Day - Malaysiakini

When was the last time that one gets an overdose of jokes reading the news? I can't recall a better day when jokes were abundant, all in a day's reading! Here you go, the jokes of today. Roll, roll, roll .... we start with ....

"He (Saiful) is in good condition" - Zamri Idrus, Saiful's lawyer.

Yes, this is the Saiful who claimed that his sorry arse was sodomised by the elderly man with an backache, Anwar Ibrahim. A doctor had earlier examined him and found his sorry arse in good condition.

If that doesn't top the chart, upon public outcry that what would have the Malaysian government done if Singapore's AVA had not made public its findings and to ban the tainted products containing Melamine, our Health Minister chips in .....

Instead of displaying the list of products that you declare 'safe', how about giving us a list that you have declared 'not safe'? I wouldn't want to go to a hypermarket carrying a long list to check if the product I'm buying is in the list. I would prefer a short list that will quickly highlight the tainted products that are 'not safe'. But well, this is Malaysian way of doings things.

Then come the battle between Muhyiddin and KJ as to who is funnier ......

"I will be a leader for all Malaysians" - the famous SIL, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Even among the Malays, is UMNO respected? If not, don't-lah assume the rakyat! And this KJ will be a leader for all Malaysians? Hello, were we born yesterday, huh?

Finally, the best joke among them all ... the OSCAR winner today ....

Wow! What can I say? I had earlier blogged about arrogance before assuming power and now I'm hearing news! In the event that these buggers are proven to be guilty of corruption, will they rephrase "what is important is we did not ask for the money. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah, don't you want to accept the sedekah?"

That's not all, try to digest this piece of news. IF you are a trader and your supplier supplies you with goods costing RM11, at what price would you sell? The controlled price is RM11.50!

A ministry official told traders that they have NO CONTROL over suppliers but they have CONTROL over the traders! That means, if the suppliers were to sell to the traders at prices close to or beyond controlled prices, the ministry can't lift a finger to charge the suppliers but will not hesitate to take actions against the traders. 

Oops, head I win, tail you lose .... and it is this example that gives rise to suspicion why the Health Ministry isn't releasing a list of tainted products unsafe for consumption rather than providing us a very very long list of products that are safe to consume. 

Will I buy any of those dairy products? If in Singapore, yes, I would. Right here in Malaysia? I'm afraid there's a crisis, a confidence crisis, and I ain't betting my luck on it! 

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