Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arrogance even before assuming power! Nah! Take This!

Up Yours! Second time today ....

What makes the voters so mad that they voted across races for the opposition on March 8, 2008?

Arrogance! Sheer arrogance! Typical and trade marks of UMNO. That was how communal parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC paid the price.

Now, with all the talks of 916, the high spirit shown by the anak Bangsa Malaysia hoping and praying that it will become reality, I'm afraid there are early signs of arrogance portrayed by wannabes of the 'new goverment'.

The next time I hear something like 'unlike other parties, the DAP do not get involved in business operations to make a profit', (insinuating that other parties like perhaps PAS or even PKR indulge in unhealthy businesses), and to further claim 'and so for those who wants to make pretentious, self-righteous high moral ground who can't tell the difference in the above principle, then I have nothing else to say', my simple response is ...  shove it up your arse!

Insofar, DAP have proven all these years that they are a party of integrity and the people have supported them because of that but if actions and practises speak otherwise or perceived to be otherwise, then again .... up yours! 

The last thing a Joe Public wants is to have his intelligence insulted the way UMNO and its minnows have been doing. Who wants to jump from the frying pan into the fire?

Personally, I have come across many who had ideals about making a change for the betterment of the rakyat but the recent turn of events have shown that history keeps repeating itself. I once joined MCA because I had the delusions that I could kick-butts. So did my best friend who was a lawyer then. I woke up but my friend was absorbed into the system.

I wasn't born yesterday to be hoodwinked to believe sermons of righteousness and integrity only to see the preacher practises something perceived to be otherwise.

So, to any arrogant MP who is getting too big for his boots, Up Yours!

Pakatan Rakyat please take note. The people expect you to be better than BN! 


Malaysian said...

u must be a bn supporter. back off will u. its hard enuf that the service centre does not get a sen from the govt. give him a break. he is not forcing u to cough out rm300. its voluntary and not forced upon. it seems u like to see all mp act like beggars. well if u like to help then donate what u can. dont make noise and not do anything. maybe he has organised other events before and coincidently this one involves golf. wats wrong with tat? he cant be organising golf with a rm50 entry fee can u? wise up. dont complain just for the sake of complaining. do something more constructive with your time. dont be an armchair critic. wats your contribution to the society?

Oink OInk said...

Dear malaysian,

must i be a bn supporter? how do you know that i have not even contributed in cash or kind to dap? there you go, your assumptions have failed you. for those who know me, they know of my contributions, in cash and kind.

two, mp acting like beggar? now, when election comes, don't all of them become beggar begging for votes? i can imagine you running for mp and showing arrogance ... maybe hilang deposit also can!

finally, to put a full stop, do not assume that dap mps or any other mps from the opposition are vulnerable to criticism. high handed tactics are synonymous with umno and you belong to umno? surely not, i suppose.

contribution to society? look yourself in the mirror. this is subject to argument.