Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Tony Pua


Dinners, Walkatons, footsal and basketball tournaments all coming up. ;-)

And for cryptics and critics, the party makes no apologies for seeking donations. We have accepted them for the past decades, and we will accept them with no favours promised, tacit or otherwise.

My simple service centre costs about RM10,000 per month (3-4 staff, rental, maintenance) to operate with zero assistance from government. The bill gets footed by me personally, and whatever I can raise from people who are willing to donate and share the burden.

The Golf event is anticipated to raise just about RM10k for my centre, which covers only 1 month's operations. (RM10k for Hannah's)

The DAP, unlike the other parties, do not get involved in business operations to make a profit (which will always raise conflict of interest issues) and relies strictly on public donations to survive. We have proven all these years that we are a party of integrity and the people have supported us because of that. It will be our own downfall should we turn our back to principles which got us where we are in the first place. 

Most importantly, all monies accepted are NOT for personal interest.

And so for those who wants to take the pretentious, self-righteous high moral ground who can't tell the difference in the above principle, then I have nothing else to say.


Oink OInk said:


One, I doubt if anybody here is claiming high moral ground.  

Two, you really sound like UMNO when you insult the commenters 'who can't tell the difference in the above principle'!  

Three, there are many ways to raise funds and as you said it, dinners, walkatons, footsal etc etc etc which can involve people from ALL segments of society.  

Four, where and how do corruptions begin? Ask MCA? Ask UMNO? Ask MIC?  
Five, for those seeking help from service centres, I'm sure if the message is clear that both need help, I'm sure the public would willingly donate upon receiving help. Is there a poster and a donation box at your service centre? I stop at 5 for now.

These are my comments at Tony's blog.

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