Thursday, September 25, 2008

A super-duper Brilliant Idea! Gaji Buta - Malaysiakini

To what extent will this Kanasai Gomen go to prove its idiocy and its inability to govern the nation? RM3 million a month in Gaji Buta hiring housewives and students to supplement the existing enforcement officers to monitor the prices of goods?

Now, the law states that all sellers must display the prices of goods, failing which, actions can be taken. Correct? Isn't it simpler and more effective to impose on the sellers to display a price list of controlled items in a visible signboard displaying a complain number for the consumers to call to complain? 

It is already mentioned in this news article that the Meru wet market has a booth for consumers to lodge complain. Not enough? Or is something missing? Is it because consumers do not know the ceiling prices of price controlled items? If so, even a kid can tell you that you simply need to get the sellers to comply to display a list together with the telephone numbers to call. Better still, like the Meru wet market, have a booth!

So, RM3 million in gaji buta, huh? These so-called undercover agents only need to report IF they uncover (or discover) irregularities. Any guarantee they will be working? Who monitors them?

By the way, the list of price controlled items only totals 17 items! For goodness sake, you asked the rakyat to change lifestyle and you waste good money?

Damn it! Force the hypermarkets and wet markets and every goddamned market to display a list of the 17 items with their ceiling prices. This also educate the consumers who will immediately realise IF and WHEN they are cheated!

Kanasai! This is what a Kanasai Gomen looks like .... 


Enforcer housewives on the prowl


KLANG: Their worst nightmare is about to be unleashed on errant traders at wet markets and hypermarkets -- housewives and university students working undercover for the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

Overcharging is more likely to appear on the “radar” of housewives and university students who usually work on a shoestring budget.

As such, for the Ramadan period, the ministry has enlisted 2,000 housewives and university students nationwide on an annual contract with a montly allowance of RM1,500.

Ministry director-general (Enforce-ment) Mohd Roslan Mahayudin said housewives and students were ideal as the ministry’s eyes and ears to identify traders looking to make quick profits during the festive season.

The “undercover agents” who responded to an advertisement in a local newspaper were chosen after extensive interviews in March, he said.

Housewives and students are more conscious of prices because most of them visit markets or hypermarkets at least twice a week.

From now until Oct 8, they will take note of prices while doing their marketing and report if there are any irregularities, he said, adding that under the price control scheme 17 items have a ceiling price.

“For example, a kilo of red chillies is priced at RM10 and if they sell it for more, we will issue a maximum fine of RM7,500 per offence,” he said.

Earlier, Roslan conducted a check on prices of fresh produce and sundry items at the Meru wet market here together with an enforcement team of 30.

He was satisfied that traders had complied with the price ruling and commented that some even sold their items below the ceiling price.

“We also have a booth at the Meru wet market for consumers to lodge complaints if they feel items are priced unfairly.

“Our aim is to protect consumers. We also urge consumers to compare prices with hypermarkets before buying,” he said.

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