Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All these miseries could've been avoided! - Malaysiakini

Global price of crude oil has been on the retreat and if our cheating flip-flopping lame duck Prime Minister had done something positively to bring down the price of fuel earlier, all these miseries could've been avoided. In the first place, it was this same 'on-the-run' Prime Minister who inflicted in us a damage so severe by raising the price of petrol by a whopping 41% without even giving due considerations to the spinoff effects that will burden the rakyat! Yet, they dare call themselves the caring government!!!

53pc rise in bus fares shocks commuters

The fare hike for the same route is shown in these two tickets, from RM1.30  last Friday to RM2  yesterday.
The fare hike for the same route is shown in these two tickets, from RM1.30 last Friday to RM2 yesterday.

JOHOR BARU: Bus commuters here were shocked as they had to dig deeper into their pockets when they boarded stage buses here yesterday.

Many were not aware of the announcement by the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board which allowed bus operators to raise the fares of express and stage buses by 30 per cent, beginning yesterday until Oct 15, in conjunction with the festive season.

A call to the CVLB's toll-free number 1800-88-9600 earlier had suggested that the 30 per cent increase was only for express buses, not stage buses.

Johor CVLB chief Sulaiman Sairan could not be reached for comment, but a spokes- man confirmed that stage buses were also included in the fare increase.

S. Chandran, 49, of Taman Pulai, was among those who were caught unawares. The office cleaner said he was perplexed when the bus driver asked for RM2 when he boarded the bus from his house in Bandar Baru Uda.
"I was holding RM1.30 in my hand, which is my usual bus fare to the city. The bus ride to work only takes 15 minutes. Why does it have to cost so much?" he asked, adding that the 53 per cent increase was too abrupt.

Lau Yut Lye, 27, a beautician, was another bus commuter who was not aware of the fare increase.

"Has the price of petrol gone up again? I usually wait for Triton buses because the fare is the cheapest among the stage buses like Causeway Link and Transit Link.

"But now it looks like it isn't the cheapest bus anymore as Causeway Link charges only RM1.80 for the same route. I had earlier got down from a Causeway Link bus because the driver had demanded RM1.80 from the city to Skudai Kiri."

Ashfar Ibrahim, 31, of Ayer Hitam, said his bus fare of RM7.40 had been increased to RM9.60.

"This is outrageous. Stretch-ing the ringgit will be even harder for the blue-collar worker," said Ashfar, a shop assistant.

Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, which operates the Causeway Link buses, said the company had increased the prices after receiving a circular from CVLB, which allowed bus operators to increase the fare of express and stage buses between Sept 15 and Oct 15.

Its managing director, Lim Han Weng, assured the public that the fares would revert to normal after Oct 15.

The normal bus fare starts from 75 sen in the first stage, which is about 1km.

For Causeway Link, the farthest route is Ayer Hitam which would cost passengers RM9.60 per trip.

As for Triton, the bus fare also starts from 75 sen and the company's farthest route is Kulai, which would cost RM4.50.


Anonymous said...

The massive rise in fuel price is one of the biggest and most stupidest mistake in Malaysian history for BN. It most likely contribute to the downfall of Abdullah Badawi's premiership and maybe even his adminstration.
That's what you get when you put incompetent people as your leader.

yatim said...

The Ministers and their ofiicers say something but do differently. It is the same in the raise bus fares. The UMNO led BN government has failed to protect the well being of the ordinary citizens. They are more interested ion their party politics, with UMNO branch and divisional elections. Only GOD could save us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Only the Imperative Change to the Pakatan Rakyats' Government now is for the better Malaysia going forward.

After 51 years MALAYSIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE but backwards because of the Oppression from the UMNO goons’ divide and rule fear tactics the Rakyats have matured & you must see all this coming because All The Rakyats of Malaysia are all fed-up & can no longer with-stand the hypocrisies, bullshits, lies and deceits of these UMNO Clowns now in Power ok???

We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. Save RPK as he is the midst of a conspiracy of the real murderers of Altantuya to silence him for good, instead of being C4ed he could be poisoned and worse off if he is on hunger strike by himself. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the Stringed Puppet to be easily manipulated by the Puppeteer, power that be.

Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia.

All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008
Zymian // Sep 14, 2008 at 4:07 pm

We are indeed witnessing an attempt by certain hardcore Umno operatives to create unrest amongst the various races. Remember, it is to create the perfect pretence for the UMNO led government to impose emergency law and thus roll back their losses in the last elections!
The ISA arrests are only part of the plan. There will be further provocations! They are desperately hoping that enough unrest and conflict will arise so that they may use even more hardliner’s tactics with the security forces.
I sincerely hope our fellow citizens will remain calm. Fight, I say…but fight smart. Use the net, use it to spread the word that violence and conflict is to be avoided.
The UMNO hardliners (Dr M, Toyo) have run out of ideas. In their desperation, they have become more ruthless. We just need to stay the course….and these jokers will self destruct.