Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is called CHEAT, not subsidy! - Malaysiakini

Anwar promised that he will reduce the pump price of petrol by 70 sen immediately upon assuming power. That works out to RM1.85 per litre.

The current price of crude oil is at US94.15 per barrel. Using the simple calculation, it is estimated that the current pump price of petrol is RM2.01 per liter.

Today is Malaysia Day. The cheating UMNO government promised earlier that it will review the price of fuel twice a month. If that is so, shouldn't the price be immediately reduced? And hey, the rakyat could've been more forgiving and sympathise with this flip-flopping lame duck Prime Minister if he had at least given a small gift to the rakyat on this Malaysia Day. But no, he chose to backtrack on his promises once again!

This is called CHEAT, not subsidy! 

There is now even more reason for the rakyat to support Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat to oust this lying flip-flopping lame duck Prime Minister and his racist UMNO government.


Anonymous said...

hahaha...Najis will say oil price wnt increase but Bodohwi will announce new oil price where Najis sits bside Bodohwi......dats BodohwiNajis (BN) style gvmnt....

Anonymous said...

Ya.. they have cheated us for the last 50 years. They are trying to continue to trick us the rakyat. So let kick BN out and replace with Pakatan Rakyat. Have fun hari Malaysia.