Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 sen? Kannimbeh, sial! - Malaysiakini

Is that it? Only 10 sen reduction in fuel price? At the time of blogging, crude oil is at US107.91 per barrel having fallen to recent lows of about US90.00 per barrel.

And what reasons did this flip-flopping lame duck Prime Minister give? "The recent fall in world oil prices plus the weakening Ringgit gave the government a window of opportunity to lower pump prices".

Hey, you BN genius economists were the ones who said that fuel price hikes will not affect the economy nor will it affect inflation. Yeah, buah pelir engkau! Look at the inflation spike in relation to the fuel hike in June:

May: 3.2%
June: 7.7%
July: 8.3% (revised downwards from 8.5% by Department of Statistics)
August: 8.5%

Kannimbeh, sial! 

I've blogged earlier about the price expectations of pump prices and I'm angry that this price reduction is meagre. I expected something like a 30 to 40 sen reduction. Don't you BN arses try to bluff about subsidy again. I simply don't believe a subsidy exist today, at current pump prices!

The faster BN falls the merrier! 

Kannimbeh, sial!!!

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renaissance.MY said...

should've been RM0.24 reduction

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