Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask the shrink!

We have been reading opinions from political commentators and analysts. Malaysiakini should spare a thought or two to ask the opinions of shrinks as well.

In the recent hot issue of pendatang, I chanced upon a shrink and ask him his opinion as to why one who clearly knows his roots is calling another a pendatang. 

As I had my UMPC with me, I logged on to my own blog and showed him the article 'We are all pendatangs - 2' written by Syed Imran. The naughty me then summarise a short list of recent pendatangs making a hell of a ruckus in Malaysia as:

1. Ahmad Ismail - grandson of pendatangs from India.

2. Khir Toyo - son of a pendatang named Joyo bin Erodikromo from Java, Indonesia.

3. Syed Hamid Albar - son of a pendatang named Syed Jaafar Albar who 'datang' from Indonesia to Malaysia in his 30s. Records have it that they are of Hadhrami Arab descent. Please don't ask me further because I'm utterly confused when one pergi datang pergi datang.

I laughed when the shrink prescribed the reasons why these offsprings of pendatangs want to make a mess of race relation in Malaysia. I further enlightened him that it was widely believed that Syed Jaafar Albar could have been responsible for the Singapore race riots during the 60s. Well, the shrink I spoke to is definitely not into history and would only grinned!

One place for any of you to know about these buggers, the sons and daughters of pendatangs, would be to visit Wikipedia

At the same time, if you need a short and concise 'Sejarah Rakyat Malaya', in comic-style like Lat's Kampung Boy, get hold of it at Kinibooks. Only RM18. You betcha this is another history book that schools will never teach!

And oh, I received my copy of 'The Encyclopedia of Malaysia - Early History' yesterday. I personally believe that this is one helluva history book that all should have. But the price is rather steep for the average people, at RM95.00.

Kinibooks should at least begin to sell this book as when I last enquired to its availability, See Tho said they don't carry that book. Perhaps Kinibooks should! 

I personally agree that when it comes to race relation, education is the key. Throwing the books at racist Ahmad Ismail won't solve the problem. Education will. Therefore, in the spirit and the original intention of starting this blog, to emphasise on Jalur Gemilang's dark blue canton that represents Malaysian Unity, I will publish (without permission) articles found in various books that relate to Sejarah Rakyat Malaysia.

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