Monday, September 8, 2008

BN MPs: A Dime A Dozen!

Are the BN MPs that cheap? Spineless? Dumb? Look at these news:

Lim Kit Siangmay be every BN MP will be subject to 24-hr surveilliance in their Taiwan study trip with all the handphones confiscated or all forms of communications monitored and censored

MalaysiakiniGeorge Wong: "He (Tiong) asserted it was more profitable for parliamentarians rather than civil servants to go on the study trip as MPs could transfer the knowledge to the people more effectively".

It boggles the mind what idiocy BN can think of! It may be called a study trip today but what's next? Study Strip?

Truly Malaysian ala UMNO .... BN MPs are a dime a dozen! Any taker? Or shall we put them up for auction?

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