Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ahmad Ismail snubs: Up Yours!

Racist Ahmad Ismail won't apologise for his racist slur after all. Therefore, to Badawi and Najib, that's what they get; Up Yours! One for defending him saying that 'he didn't mean it' while the other apologised on his behalf.

Shameful! These lame ducks leaders of UMNO getting fingered should just pack up and go. Apparently, the message is even louder than just being racist. IMHO, Ahmad's target is non other than the leadership of Badawi and Najib.

Point in case is that he's targeting Koh Tsu Koon by qualifying that after 18 years working with him, he's a great liar!

What's unsettling is that, at the same time, Malaysiakini reports that another racist named Azhar Ibrahim is threatening May13 and to repeat his earlier call that the Sin Chew reporter in question should be shot if there's a repeat of May 13!

Up Yours!

It has been all too common in this Bolehland that when BN politician gets in trouble, the first who will bear the brunt will be journalists. Malaysiakini quoted MySinchew online to confirm that the other journalists who heard racist Ahmad's slurs are:

1. Guang Ming Daily reporter Li Weihua

2. Nanyang Siang Pau reporter Chen Minghao

That makes 3 reporters who heard racist Ahmad's racist slur. The question I posed on behalf of someone still stands: Did the police take any statement from Najib? At this point, I think it would be better rephrased 'Has the police taken any statement from Najib?'

Whatever the turn of event, it is clear that Titanic is sinking. But do not be mistaken to think that Titanic is UMNO. Titanic ain't BN either. The grave reality is that Titanic is Malaysia. It is Malaysia sinking!

The stakes are high for all of us anak Bangsa Malaysia. Raja Botak Petra knows better. If Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat don't make it to butt-out UMNO and its minnows, we are all dead meat. We can't wait 4 years for the next general election. By then, we would have been dead and buried.

There are still the self-righteous who questions the morality of lompat si katak lompat. Years being subjugated to the evils of UMNO, you want to question morality? Tell me what moral UMNO has. Has its racist policy been fair? But the best argument of all, if we need ask morality, reader of Politics 101 Malaysia named Lee Wee Tak bested all:

"If the general election was a transparent and absolutely clean and fair event, I would have condemned the frogs."

So .... Up Yours ... to whoever you, the reader, deems fit!


Nostradamus said...

Anwarwood Productions - The Biggest Blockbuster Show on Earth!
(Anwarwood Produksi - Tayangan Paling Besar dan Hebat di Dunia!)

amoker said...

Incompetent leaders who lead the nation and are unable to talk sense to its 3rd tier leader. kakakah