Thursday, September 4, 2008

What??? Pray for crude oil price to fall???

Malaysiakini reports that Badawi would be very happy to reduce the current pump price of petrol from the current RM2.55 per litre to RM2.40 per litre IF the global crude oil stays at US109 per barrel.

Badawi further called on Malaysians to pray that the price of crude oil will decline further and that if it hovers around US109 per barrel by the end of the year, he may reduce pump fuel price.

Pray? Too bad I'm an atheist. If I had a religion, I would be praying that Badawi won't be there to reduce pump fuel price. I would pray that 916 becomes a reality and that Anwar Ibrahim as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia will immediately bring down the pump fuel price to RM2.00 as promised!

So while we anxiously wait for Anwar Ibrahim to be the next Prime Minister, the least Badawi could do would be to immediately bring down the pump price to RM2.40 per litre! Is this the reason why UMNO dares not say anything about oil subsidy these days? I seriously doubt that the UMNO government is subsidising 30 sen a litre today. By the looks of things, UMNO government could be making money from its sale today!

Let's see the reality of what this Badawi has done to this nation. Excerpts from The Star:

On criticisms that the operating expenditure of RM154.2bil was huge, Abdullah said this was because the Government had to spend more on providing financial assistance for the people and enlarging its social safety net due to the current food and fuel crises.

Hello .... what caused the current food and fuel crises? Or rather, who caused the current food and fuel crises?

Taking this call from Badawi to pray, I hope Malaysians will pray for a quick exit of Badawi and a peaceful installation of Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister.

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