Thursday, September 4, 2008

Racism Institutionalised 2

Malaysiakini picked up Lim Kit Siang's blog about racism that's indoctrinated into the minds of young JPA scholars in its Biro Tata Negara (BTN) programme.

I had blogged earlier that I was a victim of such indoctrination when I was young. I believe this happens in all smaller towns and villages throughout the country. How many of them will come forward and say it out loud?

I have heard the same story many times regards this BTN programme whereby racism is being indoctrinated into the minds of our young ones. This is definitely not the first case most of us have come across and I do not believe it will be the last unless 916 becomes a reality.

What supremacy, please? We are anak Bangsa Malaysia. We are all Pendatangs. In religion, I doubt if any religion says that God puts the first man and woman in this land called Malaysia. I further doubt if the theory of evolution began in Malaysia.

However, this book will enlighten eveybody ... Early History: The Encyclopedia Of Malaysia. This is one book that should make its way to every school to teach every anak Bangsa Malaysia about our early history. Available locally here.

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