Thursday, September 4, 2008

oooh .. Malaysiakini reports on Kadar Shah!

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. Badawi introduced to the world Islam Hadhari. It makes one wonder why UMNO is synonymous with CORRUPTION! And yet, to be a member of UMNO, one needs to be a Malay. Who is a Malay by definition?

Mahathir said it only cost a cheapo RM200 to buy a vote and that was why he lost. Mahathir also said that in term of buying MPs, Pakatan Rakyat is not capable of competing with UMNO.

Has anyone ever thought that these people could be insulting Islam? Corruption is a NO NO in Islam and yet these people are openly practising corruption.

Yet, Raja Petra's blog is banned by MCMC and its chief operating officer, Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi is contemplating charging RPK under Section 211 or 233 of the Communiations and Multimedia Act for insulting Islam.

Who's insulting Islam ..... in Malaysia?

Take a look at this news from Malaysiakini:

Kadar Shah submits evidence to ACA

Outspoken grassroots leader Kadar Shah Sulaiman Ninam Shah followed up an initial report against the party president with another one today.


Alleging that it has been a month since former Umno Youth exco member Mazlan Harun's report, Kadar Shah put in a second report.

Armed with an album of photographs and video clip and accompanied by Mazlan, the Bandar Muar Umno branch leader said he had submitted proof of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's alleged misdeeds.

On Aug 5, Mazlan had lodged a report with the Federal Territory ACA office, alleging that Abdullah had abused government machinery to garner support for himself in the coming party elections.

Mazlan's report was based on an open letter written by Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno division chief Zahar Hashim and addressed to the party's secretary-general, demanding that both Abdullah and Najib be disciplined for allegedly abusing their power.

The letter alleged that Abdullah and his deputy Najib Abdul Razak had used a government agency under the Information Ministry called the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) as their campaigning platform in Umno.

Met leaders of nine states

Repeating the allegations, Kadar Shah said: "I've given proof to the ACA to support the first report.

"Other than photographs, there is also a video clip of the alleged meetings."

On why he sought the help of ACA instead of the Umno disciplinary board, Kadar Shah said: "We've already reported this to Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor but nothing has been done.

"But how can we expect them to take action against themselves?" he added.

According to Kadar Shah, Abdullah and his deputy had met with branch and division leaders of nine states from May 3 till June 29.

"Other than the hotel accommodation, money (RM50-RM200) were also handed out," said Kadar Shah.

Abdullah has since denied that there have been any wrongdoings during his meeting with the branch and division leaders.

The premier said what he did was "normal and nothing to fuss about".

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