Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Duh.... I'm so blurrrr, says Badawi

Once again, racist Ahmad Ismail has done it. Getting shoved up his arse this time is non other than Koh Tsu Koon, whose picture was ripped into halves and further warned that he and Gerakan must take responsibility for whatever untoward incidents that could happen in this country.

What untoward incidents? Well, this racist Ahmad, backed by 13 Umno divisions in Penang is hinting May 13 which is Badawi's favourite number 13! Guess Badawi's favourite number 13 is a bad omen for him from day one.

This press conference, the latest one, racist Ahmad hinted that he's simply acting on orders as he claimed that Badawi asked him to hold another press conference!

Malaysiakini reported that Syed Husin doesn't think that this is an isolated incident in UMNO as one of these 13 divisions is the PM's division. Syed Husin reckons that these racists will precipitate and provoke unrest, and hope that leads to the declaring of martial law. This will lead to mass arrests. The consolation is that this is not 1969 because people are more cautious now.

Now, now, explain what? This flip flopping tak tau Prime Minister is talking in his sleep?
Just the other day, Kit wrote that this blockhead Prime Minister 'endorsed Ahmad's self-serving claim that his speech at the Permatang Pauh by-election had been misinterpreted by the Sin Chew reporter, that he had dealth with historical facts and it was not a racist statement'.

And ... lame duck PM is going to ask this racist Ahmad once more. Ask What? Oh ... ask him to explain! Explain what? Even the numskull ex Chief Minister of Penang has opened his gap. Quote Tsu Koon: "The action of his supporters to take down, tear and step on my photograph was seen and felt not only as an act of disrespect and humiliation to me personally, but also to the whole party and BN."

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That's to summarise racist Ahmad Ismail. Immediate response from Tsu Koon and Gerakan? Penang Gerakan files for divorce from Penang UMNO! Why just Penang Gerakan? Why not minus the Penang? Why Penang UMNO? Why not minus the Penang? Why can't it be Gerakan divorces UMNO? Afterall, the grassroot voices are loud and clear.

So Badawi, if what racist Ahmad claimed is true that this latest press conference was requested by you, what's there for you to ask him, to explain? I wouldn't dare speculate ... but however ...

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To you, dear readers, please fill in the blank with a name whom you think deserve ...

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