Friday, September 5, 2008

The Racist In Us.

I can't agree more with Josh Hong when he wrote about the 'Ahmad Ismail' in each of us.

As I had blogged about how I was being indoctrinated by MCA from young that I need to submit and kow-tow before the 'tuan' because we Chinese are living in someone else land, records are ample that this indoctrination is nationwide and not just confined to smaller towns and villages as I envisaged.

Picking up a few lines from Josh Hong's article:

Meanwhile, Dr Ling Liong Sik as MCA president once urged the Chinese to "behave as a minority group", and his "wise" advice was acted upon after Ong Ka Ting assumed the leadership.

Chew Mei Fun, the Wanita MCA deputy chief, once attempted to "correct" a detractor by reminding the latter that he would have been living in China if not for the MCA's effort to campaign for Malayan citizenship on behalf of the Chinese.

Donald Lim Siang Chai, an MCA vice-president, is no better. At the Wednesday forum, Lim reportedly averred that Chinese as a second largest ethnic group would usually be able to receive "a lot of goodies" and live "a good life" in countries where the largest ethnic groups are "lackadaisical".

This master-slave relation as indoctrinated by MCA is the cause of the problem. If MCA had stood up on their two feet rather than running around on fours, I seriously doubt that UMNO has got that kind of guts to go around telling the community to 'balik Cina'. The verdict is clear today why the community has been labelling MCA as eunuchs and/or running dogs.

If we were to go back into history, MCA was formed as a pressure group to protect the businesses, not the community. It was formed a selfish party for personal gains. It is still evident today that inspite of the revelations of 308, they are least bothered about the situation but continue to fight for their own survival and interests. It's Waterloo!

51 years is enough. The last thing the nation needs is a competition for being who's more racist than the other. What the nation needs in order to compete in this competitive world is to unite. And to unite, we need a Malaysian Unity or otherwise what we clamour for ... Bangsa Malaysia.

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JP said...

Dear Toh,

I'm wondering who really can unite us as Bangsa Malaysia ?

Don't tell me the [Joker] who is hoo-and-haa there can be the ONE !?

But after all, I never doubt on his capability to form a new power by wooing the defection ~..~

My curious is that he is really care for Rakyat (as he claimed) or he is revengeful person (as he hided) ?

[ the 3rd PARTY ]
[ Malaysia party ]