Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Racial issues: Latest developments

Malaysiakini reports that General Abdul Aziz Zainal called for stern action to be taken against those who raise racial issues.

MCA echoes Gerakan's call for stern action to be taken against racist Ahmad Ismail.

NGOs oppose the use of Sedition Act against racist Ahmad Ismail as they argue that it is draconian in nature and has long been condemned by civil society and opposition parties. The group proposes that the use of reason is the only remedy to hate speech and at the same time to uphold the freedom of expression. They further reiterate the need to form a Parliamentary select committee to reform all freedom of spech and information and media-related laws including the Sedition Act and that this is the only way we may mature as a society and fend off bigotry. 

Meanwhile, the UMNO chieftain met PM in Putrajaya. Arriving at 12.50pm and coming out of the meeting at 2.45pm, racist Ahmad Ismail told reporters that what he did was for the party (UMNO).

Action against racist Ahmad Ismail? Flip-flopping lame duck Prime Minister Badawi has not decided to take any immediate action as he wanted to discuss the matter at the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting which is scheduled later today.

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