Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Test Posting - Cannibalism & Babi Balik Cina

I remember long ago when I was in Secondary School back in the 70s. Yes, those were the days when we Malaysians of ALL races could mingle freely. The spirit of Muhibbah was prevalent save for the few bigots and zealots.

Today, it is the opposite. It is the other way around. Instead of a few bigots and zealots, we have them by the hordes.

I remember when I was in Standard 5 and my best friend was an Arab whose father was a doctor. We were classmates. We were the best of friends. Though different in religion, one a Taoist while the other a Muslim, we never argue over whose religion was mightier.

There were occasions when we celebrated certain festivals and I would invite him over. He gladly accepted. I too reciprocated his invitations. We exchanged our cultures. We explained how things worked and whatever we believed in. We were young. We were innocent. We would never argue or fight over a religion or whatsoever religious beliefs.

Then there was a day in school when a bigot who was pissed off for whatsoever reason threw his tantrum at some Chinese boys, uttering the infamous words 'Babi Balik Cina'. Sharif looked him in the face and said, "Who's the babi here? If CANNIBALISM is used to describe who's the babi, the answer could be very clear."

Can you figure out what he meant? Well, I only know that I ain't no cannibal who eat my own kind.

As the saying goes, when you point your finger at others, DO remember that there are more fingers of your own pointing back at you! Especially so with the ones who use the thumb to point!

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