Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gerakan Flag and its symbolism

The Gerakan flag.
1. Red represents Life and Courage
2. White triangle represents Equality, Purity and Justice for All.
3. Green represents Nature and the Earth, the basis of prosperity and of the good life.
4. Golden Padi represents prosperity.
Unlike Jalur Gemilang which has a dark blue canton representing Malaysian Unity, I'm afraid the Gerakan flag doesn't seem to indicate that it supports Malaysian Unity. Apparently, according to its flag, Gerakan is about prosperity and the good life? Whose prosperity and what good life? The ones in power or the ones on the street?

Equality, Purity and Justice for All? Clearly, Gerakan is a big-time failure!

Life and Courage? I don't see Gerakan's courage in standing up against UMNO. That explains why Gerakan lost Penang in March 08 General Election.

So while the electorate cares very much about prosperity and good life, the rice bowl issue or some calls it the bread and butter issue, real Courage to stand up against UMNO in its Ketuanan Melayu could well be the deciding factor whether Gerakan will close shop in due time.

This coming Permatang Pauh might well allow the citizenry to see Gerakan walking around town naked!

Next ... MCA flag.

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