Thursday, August 14, 2008

MCA Flag

The MCA flag. In its official website, nothing is mentioned about its significance, meaning or symbolism! Perhaps they are not even sure what they represent anymore. Neither do they know what they exist for? Headless chickens?

However, even though MCA has a flag without any meaning or symbolism, it does have some kind of aims, objectives and some philosophy. Since my current postings are about flags, nothing else but flags, I shall oblige to reproduce (without permission) MCA's philosophy as stated in its website:

1. to safeguard democracy and freedom
2. to strive for equal status for all races in the country
3. to uphold social justice
4. to promote racial harmony and national unity
5. to promote national economic and social development
6. to safeguard the legitimate rights of the Chinese community.

Please note item 6. Why the need for it when the dark blue canton of Jalur Gemilang emphasises National Unity? And if MCA is going to strive for equal status (2), what have they been doing? They have been in the BN government and have been in a position to make changes. Have they?

Just pause for a moment and reflect. How successful MCA has been throughout its existence? I'd rather not comment as I don't want to suffer from high blood pressure.

For a party with a flag that bears no meaning, no symbolism, I'm afraid this party of headless chickens should just extinct.

Next ... DAP flag.

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