Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Regular RON92 at RM1.97 per litre - Malaysiakini

Look to your right. 

Yes, the gadget that gives you latest updates on gasoline prices in Oklahoma City.

Flying J gas station is selling Regular RON92 at USD2.13 per gallon! That works out to be around RM1.97 per litre, pump price!

Now, have any of you seen activities of oil tankers making deliveries to local gas stations? If you see little or no activity, chances are price reduction will be on its way.

I can hear those gas station operators screaming out loud that the are gonna suffer losses. I can imagine that they have voiced out and could have possibly written to the ones-in-power about the consequences of their suffering losses.

We understand well the funny relationship between this kanasai gomen and businesses where the interests of the rakyat is always placed last. 

Worst, with UMNO elections around, some of the Warlords or even UMNOputras who own gas stations could possibly sound the leaders about any drastic price reductions. 

It has shown its powers to the government during the Hari Raya exodus. They, the gas station operators have shown the nation what they are capable of doing. They had and they may once again allow their gas stations to run empty!

So, with the current weak prices of crude oil, and taking the above gas stations as a benchmark, Regular RON92, subsidized and non-tax, could well be below RM1.67 per litre!

Compared the current pump price of RM2.20, that's more than 53sen to adjust!

But .... due to the funny relationship between this kanasai gomen and businesses, expect perhaps a 10 to 20 sen price adjustment!

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Rai said...


ur sample is too small. use the data from the link below n u'll find that ur analysis is far from correct